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Air Pollution
According to The American Lung Association’s annual "State of the Air" report, overall air quality in the United States is much cleaner and healthier than it was nearly ten years ago. While this is good news, there are still millions of Americans who are living in areas where air pollution causes significant health problems. Exposure to air pollution contributes to the development of conditions that...
Stroke Prevention and Rehabilitation
Stroke is one of the leading causes of serious long–term disability in the United States. When a stroke occurs, language, memory and vision are often affected and debilitating conditions such as paralysis can result. According to Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics—2013 Update: A Report From the American Heart Association, each year approximately 610,000 individuals have a stroke for the first time; 185,000 individuals have a recurrent stroke; and nearly...
The Paleo Diet
The Paleo diet (also known as the "Paleolithic Diet," the "caveman diet" and the "hunter–gatherer diet") is a dietary concept that has gained wide popularity in recent years. Proponents of this concept believe that modern humans should only consume the types of foods that hunter–gatherers consumed during the Paleolithic period (the period beginning approximately 2.5 million years ago and ending with the start of the...
Reliability of Health Information
Every day, Americans are bombarded with health information from a variety of sources: newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the internet. However, much of this information is unsubstantiated and/or presented by unreliable sources. Some of it even directly opposes well–established health knowledge with the aim of promoting a particular product or point of view. According to a January 2, 2013 article published in the...
Spine Health and Posture
A healthy spine is critical to mobility and the performance of nearly every motion that an individual makes and function that he or she performs. In order to maintain and/or improve the health and functionality of the spine, individuals must develop proper posture. By adopting proper posture habits, individuals will reduce stress and strain on the spine, reduce the risk of spine injury and promote overall spine health...
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