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Knee Health
The knees are essential to just about every movement that an individual makes. When the knees are healthy, individuals are able to perform tasks with ease and participate in a wide range of activities. When the knees are damaged, however, even the simplest tasks can seem very difficult. By understanding the components of knee health and functionality as well as the ways in which disease and injury risk...
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast cancer touches the lives of millions of people across the world. While great strides have been made in combating the disease (the death rate from breast cancer has declined by approximately 20 percent over the past decade), approximately 1 in 8 women born in the U.S. today will develop breast cancer at some point during her lifetime. The good news is that breast cancer is a treatable disease when it is found early...
The Liver
The liver is responsible for over 500 hundred functions in the body. From the production and removal of cholesterol to the cleansing of toxins from the body, the functions of the liver affect almost every body system. When the liver is injured and/or liver disease occurs, an individual’s health can be severely impacted. Fortunately, many liver diseases are preventable and curable if detected early...
The Kidneys
A new study published in the American Journal of Kidney Disease found that 59 percent of Americans are at risk of developing kidney disease in their lifetimes, and an estimated 26 million Americans currently have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Surprisingly, less than half of individuals with CKD realize that they have a condition — even if it is severe — because symptoms may not...
Thyroid Disorders
The thyroid plays a major role in an individual’s health, affecting every cell, tissue and organ in the body. When the thyroid gland is working properly and thyroid hormone levels are regulated, the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, muscles, skin and reproductive system can function normally. When the thyroid gland produces either too much or too little thyroid hormone, however, thyroid dysfunction occurs...
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