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How Physical Fitness And Sports Help Shape Our Lives
Being physically fit and regularly participating in physical activity-whether it is going to the gym, playing a sport or going for a brisk walk-- has beneficial effects on all aspects of our lives.
The Benefits Of Being Outside
With spring officially underway, it's time to get outdoors! Spending time outdoors is an excellent way to boost both your physical and mental health. Warmer weather can provide a kick–start to what may have become a stale, boring exercise routine over the winter months, and can also provide feelings of revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement.
Grow Vegetables Anywhere!
You can bring the country to the city and grow your own herbs and vegetables even if you face the challenge of limited space. Of course, even those living in the country or suburbs may face their own challenges growing herbs and vegetables. The good news is that you can grow fresh produce no matter where you live—you just need to be creative!
National Nutrition Month
What better time than spring to focus on nutrition and improving our health! Combined with physical activity a balanced and nutritious diet contributes to healthy aging, weight control and disease prevention. Find out what you can do to make healthy food and beverage choices every day that will improve your health.
Sleep Apnea And Sleep Studies
When you sleep well, you feel refreshed, alert and ready to face the day’s challenges. When you do not sleep well, every aspect of life can suffer. Individuals feeling sleepy or unrefreshed in spite of a seemingly sufficient night of sleep, may have sleep apnea. Undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea can lead to chronic disease, poor quality of life and dangerous accidents. Fortunately, a sleep study can determine if sleep apnea is present and there are effective treatments that can improve the condition.
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